Training Sessions

Saturday, boys started with agility and shuttle runs. They were given then universal favourite drill 2 vs 1, 3 vs 2, 5 vs 3, 8 vs 4. Players had to think, using space and steps, quick hands and running angles. They finished with small contact games in narrow pitch where they could use the skills they developed in previous drills. Deepak punia was outstanding while some u-16 boys were outstanding too.

Sunday was the match day for u-16 boys but before that senior boys did training for 15s match situation. Not so great training as there was hardly any momentum in the training due to unforced errors but U-16 boys erased that with their superior ball handling, crispy passes with crispy tackles. Awesome spirit. Boys were courageous, skillful, dynamic and smart too. Hurricanes browns beat Hurricanes Blues by 27-5 with their superior forward line and selfless backs play while blues despite having great talent in their side could not match the aggression of browns who were absolutely brilliant in turnovers and ruck plays. Javed, Radhe, Rohit, Sagar, vikas, mushphiq were excellent but everyone played great Rugby. Congratulations to all of them.
Browns – 27
Tries-(Javed, Sagar, Golu, Sumit 1try each)
Penalty try-1
Conversion- Sagar 1

Blues- 5
(Sohel 1try)

They will play their next game on 3rd February.

Girls started the training with doing a lot of variations in the ball handling drills on Saturday , they performed some overlapping drills and did pop passes. Then forwards and backs splitted forwards did some lineouts and backs did
kicking and tackling drills. Finishing with that they combined and did a team run.
Girls followed up the same schedule for Sunday.


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