Training Sessions

So this Sunday’s attraction was U-17 boys match but before that boys from junior most to the seniors started with some serious fitness today as it was a dark morning. They did passing drills 2 against 1 and then same thing in match situation where defenders will be coming from different angles. Here U17 boys were left to change for the match and their team training and seniors with u-19 boys were given a breakdown situations where they had to scan attacking units and find outs immediate threats while attacking teams were looking for the holes in defence and using different lines of attacks. Now it was time to start u-17 match so training of seniors and u19 boys called off.

Today’s match will be remembered for some serious tackling and fantastic hands. Both teams Hurricanes Yellows and Blues started from bang. Fighting neck to neck for territory and possession but ultimately yellows put their first point on the score board by a superb try from Javed and converted by vikas. Half time score was 7-0 in the favour of Yellows. Both teams came hard to each other in the second half too and this time Blues scored through a superb team try. Scorer was the great talent Sohel but they could not convert the try and that 2 points difference separated these two teams after 50 minutes of a fantastic rugby match. Many players from both the teams shined in the match but Javed was declared Man of the match.


Hurricanes Yellows – 7
(Try- Javed 1,
Conversion- vikas 1)

Hurricanes Blues – 5
(Try- Sohel 1)

Girls this weekend learned the buildup process in which they started with simple ball handling adding variations after with shadow defence to stealing rucks, all of which were later progressed into game situation, which were well adapted by players. Girls were very thankful to Mr. Arjun Mitra and his Garment company AIDOS for beautiful bibs.


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