Training Sessions

The Sunday morning is a match morning in Delhi Hurricanes and it was the turn of U-19 players today but before that seniors, U-19, u17, u14 players did some training for ball handling, support play and forming ruck. After this it was the time for U-19 boys match so best available 15 players were chosen from the squad and rest of the players joined by some senior players in opposite team. The idea was to give them match practice with a bigger and fit opposition. Boys didn’t disappoint and they gave their heart out and played a very good game. They were aggressive despite their smaller size, they tackled hard, cleared rucks, and ran hard. Scrum was unopposed as size difference was huge.

Hurricanes mixed team in Blues started well and very soon they were on score board through sourabh’s try. They scored another through Shivam shukla but u19 boys came back in the match with a superb team try by Hasan Noor which was converted by Abhishek. They lifted their game in 2nd half and put the mixed team under pressure hence more mistakes and u19 team punished them by converting 2 penalties but before that joginder score another try for the mixed team. U-19 boys got few chances to score but unfortunately they could not converted their chances in scores and mixed team lost the momentum specially in attacks but at the same time U-19 boys defended really well. They have been doing well and believe they will improve more in future. Though many u19 players were stars in this match including Rohan, dishant, pankaj, Abhishek, radhe, shahanoor, Krishna but Rohit was the most outstanding player of the match.


Mixed team – 15

Tries-( sourabh, Shivam, joginder 1 try each)

U-19 main team -13

Try-(Hasan Noor 1)
Conversion- (Abhishek 1)
Penalties- (Abhishek 2)

Girls started the Sunday with some nice warmup then they went up for some passing drills in which they learnt how to pass and follow. After that they focused on kicking and receiving. They ended up the session with some partner drills,where they worked on their strength. 


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