Training Sessions

16 Feb
Saturday was the fitness day for seniors while juniors did tackling, maul and ruck drills.
Girls worked on their passing in the beginning and then went up for some attacking and defence drills and the finished with a team run

17 Feb
Sunday, seniors did what juniors did on Saturday before played a game on a narrow pitch so players learn to have patience while attacking.

Juniors did some tackling drills and then the regular match of U-17 was played between Hurricanes Blues and Hurricanes Yellows and Blues emerged winners today by beating Yellows by 10-0 in a hard fought match. Amir and Sohel were the try scorers for Blues. Krishn from blues was outstanding player of this match. Musfique was good too for yellows.

Hurricanes Blues -10
Tries-(Amir, Sohel 1 each)

Hurricanes Yellows -0

Girls today started the day with some ball handling drills. They went up for some attack and defence drills they continued it for a long time. Some girls even played in the match with the U17 boys and winded up performing great.


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