Training Sessions

Sunday was the day for U-19 match but before that they did dress rehearsal of yesterday’s drills while seniors played touch games. Schools have their exams so many boys and girls were not there so senior boys played against U-19 boys which wasn’t a match at all in the first half. Seniors were told to play holding game as size difference was huge. It was 27-0 in the first half for Blues. In the second half few players were exchanged and tried to create some balance. Juniors immediately responded on positive note and put themselves on scoring sheet. In the last it was 34-17 in the favour of blues. Mohit and joginder scored from both the sides. Captain vikas khatri played as scrum half first time and he played really well while old stalwart Kamaldeep Pepsi dagar played his first game after 18 months and he showed that class is permanent. For juniors Dishant and himanshu lala were superb while Rohit showed some heart, he is progressing well. For the rest of boys it was an eye opener as gap is huge between junior and senior rugby. It will be better if they realize that soon.


Hurricanes Blues -34
(2 try honey,1 try jagaa,1 try jogi,1 try Mehboob,1 try mohit)

Conversion-mohit & puniya 1 each.

Hurricanes Browns-17
(1 try jogi,1 try puniya, 1 try mohit)

Conversion- Dishant-1.

Girls started with some great warmup they went up for some agility and fitness.
Forwards and backs splitted and forwards went up for some one on one scrum and lineouts while backs performef some kicks and passing. Then they played in the match with boys. Jyoti and Neha played outstanding in the match.

Club also introduced Barbara, a Hurricane from Germany to all the players today and welcomed her. It was an emotional day for Hurricanes family today as our little dynamite Godai, a Hurricane from Japan was kind enough to visit his team today with his mother and played the game too. Club welcomed him too and thanked him for his gesture. Great day for Hurricanes.


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